Good Morning Friends and Followers:

My sincerest apologies for the lack of communication and lack of posts in the last 12 ish days. I’ve been extremely ill and spent a good handful of time on bed rest and in the ER, outpatient services and other appointments. Its been a nightmare.

While I’m back in business, I’m not 100% by a long shot. I’m only @ about 30% and that’s on a good day. My experience with Beaumont Troy was a nightmare and I will share with you when I have the opportunity to do so.

May you all have a wonderful day. I’m going to try to do the same. I promise a longer post either this evening or this weekend.


TGIFAALW – No, for real

TGIF! Thank Goodness its Friday … AND a LONG WEEKEND! I’m looking forward to having this weekend to work on things around the house. I also want to work on fine tuning my blog, which I never seem to have the time to do.

We have a potential “Polkapalooza” to attend which should be fabulous. My husband’s family is…well, clearly, Polish 🙂 so I’m kind of excited to go!! I haven’t been able to go to past “loozas”.

How in the world it is already Labor Day weekend is beyond me. I didn’t even know summer came and went so fast!

In other news, personally, I’m feeling halfway decent these days. Some are better than others, but most are even keeled, I guess. Writing has helped A TON. Hopefully I have the opportunity to write a bit more this weekend, get this messy blog in order and get the ball rolling on something good 🙂

Have a great weekend!!


How is it Thursday already?

I can’t believe yet another week has come and almost gone. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend though. I found an AWESOME item that I’m so excited to share with you all.

Sprout Products



What you see above you is sustainable pencils with a seed inside! Once the pencil is too short to write with,  you get to plant it 🙂 As of right now, the Sprout Pencils are sold out, but as soon as they’re available again, I’m going to be purchasing! Did you also know that with EVERY purchase, Sprout Products plants 10 trees? That’s amazing! What a responsible, wonderful company @sproutpencil

The backstory behind the company is awesome to read as well!

Anyway, that’s a rambling about an awesome product. I can’t wait to order and get mine!

Have a busy day ahead so I’m going to get a jump start and hopefully get lots done.

Make it a great day, make it a fun day, make it a memorable day.


Happy Hump Day!

Halfway through the week!!!! I haven’t made it to the gym yet, but I’ve got some excellent motivation. I’m just learning about an exercise technique that I have not yet heard of…(HIIT) – High Intensity Interval Training. It seems to be a HUGE hit among those successful, in shape folks. I’m learning how to use Twitter to promote my website and along the way, I’m learning AMAZING things from pretty amazing people with interests similar to mine. I am passionate about these things and seeing the things that I like really makes me happy.

I started following @ellekfitness and she is super motivating.

In other news, my husband, Christopher starts school  – only a few classes left until he obtains his degree in Physics. I’m SO proud of him for persevering and continuing on to be a Physicist. He is the smartest person I know and I think that he’s just fantastic. I couldn’t be married to a better man. I love him so much and can’t wait to celebrate once he finishes school. <3

Post Ceremony
Post Ceremony

So that’s where I’m at today! I’m looking forward to going to the gym tonight to really kick my rear into gear and I’m so excited to be blogging regularly. Its so much fun and I’m trying to get my niche’ in gear, but til I get that figured out, you gotta deal with the miscellaneous, random, fun ramblings!

PS my Scentsy business is up and running again along with my Tastefully Simple which has been going for about a year – should you need anything, let me know and I’m happy to direct you to my pages.


Happy September 1st! – Fried Cinnamon Apple Rings

Goooooooood Morning & Happy Tuesday. I thought I’d slip away from the normal musings and get back to a little something upbeat. I do NOT take credit for this recipe, I did not create it, I have not made it, but it was something that popped up on my Facebook and for those of you that don’t Facebook, you may find this enticing!

This recipe was found on Janice’s Home Remedies, a group on Facebook that after I found this recipe, I fell in love with – I hope that you try it! Post comments on how they were if you do try it!!

**Disclaimer** – this is NOT my recipe and I do not know the original creator.


Fried Cinnamon Apple Rings

4 large apples (Gala were used here, I’d try Granny Smith, Fuji or Washingtons also)
1 cup flour
¼ teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
⅛ teaspoon cinnamon
1 large egg, beaten
1 cup buttermilk
vegetable oil for frying

⅓ cup sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon


  1. In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon, set aside.
  2. In a small bowl combine the egg and buttermilk.
  3. In a third dish, make your cinnamon-sugar topping by combining the ⅓ cup sugar and 2 teaspoons cinnamon, set that aside too.
  4. Next, slice the apples into ¼-inch thick slices, and use circle biscuit cutters in graduated sizes to make rings out of each slice.
  5. Discard the center circles containing the apple core.
  6. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat to 350°F.
  7. Combine the contents of the first and second dishes as the oil warms
    (This will be your batter)
  8. Dip the apple rings in and out of the batter one at a time, removing any dripping excess by tapping the rings against the side of the bowl.
  9. Fry the rings in small batches, turning them to ensure browning on both sides.
  10. Once the rings are golden and crispy, transfer them to a plate lined with paper towel for a few seconds.
  11. Quickly transfer the apple rings, one by one, into the cinnamon-sugar mixture and coat evenly.
  12. Transfer to a wire rack and serve warm

***Note: Apples can go a long way in the recipe, so if you don’t get to all 4 apples, don’t worry. Make as much or as little as you like.***

Tell me now, how amazing does that sound?!?!?!?! I can just smell the deliciousness – almost like a trip to the cider mill!

Ok – till later



Long Weekend Ahead!

Wooohoooo!!!!! We have a long weekend ahead of us. Christopher and I don’t have too much planned, but it will be nice to relax and just have that extra day and come back to a short week 🙂 That always makes a big difference in mood!

The weekend was pretty good – I felt crappy the entire weekend, dizzy, anxious, shaky, but I made it through. Had dinner with the family on Friday night, which was pretty darn good. Sugarbush Tavern (21 just east of I-94). AND, I ate healthy! 5oz sirloin, broccoli, redskin potatoes, a salad with oil and vinegar AND one cheese stick.

kenojudes pops

The rest of the weekend I wasn’t so awesome. Because I didn’t feel well, anything that looked good, I ate. Saturday the hubby ordered Hungry Howies…I had maybe 4 slices of the three cheeser bread (and that was after eating only a packet of Bel Vita Bites (mixed berry – DELICIOUS). And we had Pepsi which is usually a huge nono for me, but with the way I felt, it was okay. Sunday…not much better, went to my parents which is usually code for not-healthy-for-you- food. I’ll leave that there LOL.

Still not feeling 100% today, but I have to commit to the gym M-F this week. I feel better when I go. I feel accountable, because if I don’t try, the weight won’t lose itself.

Prayers for a calm week and a week where I don’t have an overload of stress. My anxiety level right now is through the roof and I can’t seem to calm down, which probably isn’t a good thing either.

At any rate, I know this post was TOTALLY random, but I’m just trying to write out the billion things in my head…I was able to write maybe about 5/a billion.

Have a great day, make it a good one <3


PS, and if you didn’t know it? Obsidian is a “cool cat”




Hallelujah! Its Friday. Its been a long week and I’m so thankful to be able to have the weekend to recuperate and get ready for another week. I have amazing news that lifted my spirits today. When I got on the scale, I knew I started doing something right, and something for me. The scale SHOCKED me by telling me I was 172.0 lbs. That is roughly 15 pounds down from the heaviest I have ever been. I was very proud of the way that I disciplined myself (and it probably helped that there were no sweets or birthdays at the office!!!) I’m definitely on the right track, and I know that will increase my happiness and reduce my stress level.

In the DBT program, that was one of my many stressors and my decision was to control what I can. My weight is something I can partially control (even with a mild –  no meds – thyroid issue). It feels great to know that I am able to be in control of something in my life. One solid week of excellent discipline…I made it to the gym on Monday, Tuesday AND Thursday. I earned 17 ACTIVITY POINTS ON WEIGHT WATCHERS! I didn’t even go over on my weekly remaining points. This is the first time that I’ve done that since I started the program. One week down and a lifetime to go.

Enough about me. I hope you all have an amazing Friday and an even better weekend. I’m looking forward to cleaning house, starting to de-clutter and maybe (if I can make myself do it) prepare my meals for the week. I’d like to start with some morning smoothies, haven’t been able to make that happen yet. We will see!!

Happy Friday!



Welcome to Thursday

As many of you may or may not know, I’ve been struggling with alot of internal issues. I’ve recently attended a three week DBT partial hospitalization at Cottage Hospital in Grosse Pointe Woods. The DBT is Dialectical Behavior Therapy. So, therefore, I apologize that I haven’t been posting like I said I would do.

Mental Illness is no joke. Its funny how it doesn’t just happen sporadically; things build up over time and eventually, they come to a head and explode…which is exactly what happened to me. I know that I will live with this for the rest of my life, and the things I’ve learned from DBT have been priceless. They don’t “fix” the problem, but they do help you with ways to cope.

I’m a long, long way from where I need to be and want to be, but with support, love and many prayers, I will eventually get to that place and be content again.

Its been very difficult to do the “normal” things, like getting out of bed, shopping for groceries, cooking dinner, enjoying the little things and living in the present.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing all of this, but I do know one thing: mental illness is often dismissed because you can’t see it. It’s not visible, so it must be made up, its not real. Folks, before you say something rude to the person who is frazzled in line in front of you at the checkout line, or before you say something to the person in the aisle who can’t make up their mind, or the person who washes their hands for 10 minutes or takes an hour or so shower, or before you say something to the person that is super happy one minute and then the next minute has done a complete change…think about what I’ve said.

Mental Illness is REAL. It may not be seen, but it is there. The world needs to understand that and be a little more sensitive to that.

The road I’m on, as I’ve said, is a long one, and I hope – truly, that those who (if any) read this will say a little prayer for not only me, but for anyone you know that may be struggling with this type of disease .

Have a wonderful Thursday, the weekend’s eve, and I will hopefully have something fun to post tomorrrow!


Obsidian The Car Chaser

Sid at his finest

So I just discovered this morning that Obsidian LOVES to chase traffic……on the TV. He sat in front of the TV everytime the “Traffic on the 2’s” or whatever it was came on and batted at the cars. As soon as they left the screen? He looked behind the TV for them.

I got just a few seconds of it, but man, what a good cat. In the bottom right corner, you can see my Onyx just scoffing at this 14 week old monster 🙂

Happy Weekend’s Eve


So, I’ve done not too bad this week! This is 4/5 days in the work week that I’ve posted. The good news is that I have a lot going on in the office, so I’m crazy busy; the bad news is that I have a lot going on in the office, so I’m crazy busy – but such is life!

If you’re not busy, you’re dormant, if you’re dormant, you’re not learning.

I just want to share that I have some very stressful events coming up in the next couple of weeks, and for those of you that are prayerful, if you could please say a few words for me, that would be most appreciated. I’m undergoing an important time to truly heal myself and I’m very excited and scared at the same time.

I know that I don’t have many readers, but somehow, getting this out in the open helps. Its a testament to me.

Side note, I did some AWESOME Pilates this morning, weighed in another pound down, so I’m getting back on track with my Weight Watchers. Going over daily on points, but I’m working at it. I will get there, eventually. At my own pace.

Oh, I just took a look at my site stats and I see that there are quite a few lurkers. Please, feel free to leave comments – they’re most appreciated and welcomed 🙂

Anyway…busy day ahead of me. I’m still working on that breakfast sandwich recipe; if anyone HAS one? Send it my way! 🙂